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Our collaboration with Axione, one of France's leading infrastructure giants, has sparked a paradigm shift in their operational landscape. By integrating our sophisticated AI solution, we've automated quality checks across their expansive FTTx networks. By efficiently processing over 10,000 images daily, we've swiftly transformed raw data into actionable insights. The outcome? A whopping 46% reduction in critical tickets within just six months, testament to the transformative power of AI-driven automation.

Our solution doesn't discriminate. It delivers exceptional results across all forms of FTTP infrastructure, be it cabinets, splice boxes, or external wall sockets. And we didn't stop there. With the successful implementation of our smart data platform and an automated penalty dispatch system for ISPs on shared access networks, we've further amplified Axione's operational efficiency.

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The Challenge

Our journey with Axione, commenced three years ago, had a clear, albeit ambitious goal: To harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to significantly streamline quality check processes across Axione's Fiber-to-the-Home networks. This involved tackling a colossal volume of over 10,000 images captured daily by Axione engineers, and reducing the incidence of critical tickets raised by technicians.

The Solution

Embedding our AI solution into Axione's workflows triggered a transformative shift. The AI model efficiently digested large volumes of visual data daily, providing instant, accurate analysis and expediting quality checks.

The return on investment was swift and significant. In a span of six months, we witnessed a striking 46% reduction in critical tickets, which led to considerable time savings, boosted network reliability, and elevated customer satisfaction. 


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Our relationship with Axione transcended beyond this successful AI integration. Together, we built a smart data platform that transformed Axione's vast data resources into a wellspring of intelligent decision-making, boosting operational efficiency.

Further, we streamlined the penalty dispatch process for ISPs utilizing Axione's shared access networks. By automating this once complex process, we ensured penalties were communicated swiftly and effectively.


The Benefits

Our venture with Axione underscores the transformative potential of AI in the telecom infrastructure sector. Together, we've achieved enhanced operational efficiency, elevated network reliability, and improved service quality. This joint success story is a testament to our commitment to customer success and our capacity to deliver innovative, high-impact solutions.

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